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KOI Miner C16 Description

KOI Miner is New Brand of Bitcoin Asic Miner that is partner with BT-Miners. Due to the hot of crypto mining market, the market price of Bitmain’s Miner is keeping at high end. Therefore, we think it is time to introduce some new and trusted brand into the market.

KOI Miner got a very compact design with a 92 ~ 113TH/s hashrate, and its energy efficiency is even better than Avalon 1246 Miners, which makes it one of the most competitive bitcoin miners in the market.

We have tested those miners from KOI Miner. They are in good quality in terms of design and reliability.  And we hope the manufacture can keep up with their good quality control in the long run.

Anyway, for those who think the price of Bitmain’s miner is little too high, you can give a try on this new brand.

Hope you guys all enjoy crypto Mining.

– BT-Miners


ManufacturerKoi Miner
ModelC16Max /C16 pro / C16M / C16S
Hashrate113 Th/s ;98 Th/s ; 92Th/s or 83Th/s +/- 5%
ReleaseJuly 2021
Size238 x 338 x 178mm
Noise level85db
Coolingair cooling
Temperature0- 40 °C
Humidity5 – 95 %
Warranty6 Month Factory Warranty

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