At BT-Miners, we offer crypto mining consultation services to those looking for help and guidance on getting started or those looking to upgrade an ASIC miner rig. We help you compare crypto miners and want to make sure you select the right equipment for your application. Our trained technicians can help you compare mining rigs and answer any questions you may have. Unlike many mining hardware manufacturers and suppliers, BT-Miners has NO minimum buying requirements. To compare specific models and calculate estimated return on investment, check out the Miners Profitability page. Cryptocurrency mining is an ever-changing landscape that requires constant adaptability and understanding. As a trusted ASIC miner vendor, BT-Miners wants to be your trusted partner to help ensure your success.

For questions on miner selection, please contact us to schedule a call or zoom meeting. Also see our FAQs to learn more about what crypto mining is and how to get started. 

Types of Crypto Mining

There are three basic types of crypto miners categorized by the hardware used for the mining. There are many acronyms used in the business so, when starting out, things can be a bit confusing. At BT-Miners, we only supply ASIC mining equipment because whether you want to mine Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Kadena (KDA), Dogecoin (DOGE), Litecoin (LTC), Nervos (CKB), DashCoin (DASH), StarCoins (STC), or one of the other varieties of digital currencies, an ASIC Miner is the most effective method to mine crypto.

In general, each ASIC miner is constructed to mine a particular cryptocurrency. For example, a Bitcoin Miner can only mine Bitcoin. You can see a comparison of mining rigs and the cryptocurrency it is designed for on BT-Miners Miner Profitability page. Because equipment is specialized, we have organized our Miners into the following categories. 

Further, there are different manufacturers for ASIC Miners. BT-Miners carries the leading brands, including Bitmain Antminer, Goldshell, Innosilicon, Jasminer, and MicroBT Whatsminer.

BT-Miners has direct relationships with manufacturers. If you don't see the mining rig or parts you are looking for, please contact us to see if we can get it for you. At BT-Miners, we don't have any buying minimums. Our volume contracts allow us to offer the best price possible. We also have an international network of miners to obtain used equipment that is tested and repaired by our technicians prior to sale.