At BT-Miners, we bring a crypto mining guide and consultation services to those looking for help on crypto mining. Setting up a miner as a first timer can be confusing, and that's why we are here to help. We hope cryptocurrency mining can be easy for everyone. Cryptocurrency is an ever-changing landscape that requires constant adaptability and understanding for success. However, you must begin somewhere. We believe taking it one step at a time is the most effective way to get started in anything. This is especially true when it comes to crypto mining. We do what we can to make every customer who comes to us successful in the cryptocurrency game. Below is a step-by-step process that will teach you how to start mining.

If you need some extra help or just want to learn more about how our crypto mining guide, our technicians are perfect for you. You can also use this link below to schedule a zoom meeting with our technician.

1. Preparation:

Most of Asic Miners require 220V (200V ~ 240V) power outlet to run. Therefore it is very important to figure out how to get 220V power.

Hire a electrician to setup dual wire 240V outlet. (NO CONVERTER!!!)

With 200V ~ 240V power outlet setup, now you can start setting up your miners:

2. Setup your cryptocurrency wallet ( with Coinbase ). You can easily get and sell the cryptocurrency you get from mining.

 3. Connect your miner to a mining pool ( with Nicehash & Coinbase )

 4. Helpful tools for finding miner IP address.

 5. Need more help?

It’s never a bad idea to ask questions! We understand how complex and confusing all this can be. That said, we also don’t want you to give up on mining. If you have questions or concerns about something we didn’t cover here, you can book a consultation session with our technician using the link below.