Bitcoin Stable Mining 180Days

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Product Introduction

Product price is tied to BTC network difficulty and miner income from the previous difficulty cycle. When the BTC network difficulty increases and the miner income decreases, the product price decreases to maintain a stable BTC output.

The product operates hashrate in cycles, with the running quantity determined by the product price for each cycle.


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  • What is Stable Mining? Which users is it suitable for?
  • Robust mining uses cloud computing power in cycles, and the product price is anchored to the BTC network difficulty and the mining fee of the previous difficulty cycle. This can greatly reduce output fluctuations caused by market factors and obtain stable BTC output, which is suitable for robust mining. user.

  • What is the price of Stable Mining products?
  • The product price is anchored to the difficulty of the BTC network and the mining fee of the previous difficulty cycle. When the difficulty of the BTC network increases and mining fees decrease, product prices decrease, keeping BTC output at a relatively stable level.

  • After purchasing the product, when will you start mining?
  • After purchasing, mine immediately on the same day. During the product's operating cycle, Robust Mining will start running a 13-day cycle of cloud computing power after each BTC network difficulty switch; if the remaining days of the cycle are less than 21 days, the number of computing power days in the cycle will be the remaining days.

  • Where will the cloud computing power income be transferred?
  • Cloud computing power income will be transferred to the wallet income address configured by the user.


1. According to the agreement, once your purchase is completed, replacement and refund will not be supported.

2. We are not responsible for losses caused by the following uncontrollable risks: unforeseeable, unavoidable or insurmountable objective events, including natural disasters such as floods, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, landslides, fires, and storms rated as rare or higher by government departments. and severe weather, government actions and government instructions, city-level power grid power supply accidents, and abnormal social events such as wars, strikes, unrest, etc.

3. The packages provided by ANTPOOL correspond to real cloud computing power. Real cloud computing power will fluctuate due to unstable factors such as network and mining machine power. ANTPOOL does not promise 100% stable operation.