Track miners prices and profitability. Enjoy Miner Hosting, Rental, Order Tracking, After-Sales Support and other services!

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Compare popular models, quickly view high-yield machines, back to the cycle at a glance


Mainstream mining machine, multi-variety mining machine cover linkage calculator to facilitate users to choose their favorite mining machine


Provide industry data to help users accurately purchase the right machine


Track miners prices and profitability.

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Crypto Miner App

Mining may seem straightforward at first glance, but there are many factors that can influence your venture’s profitability. Imagine having a single hub where you can effortlessly track all these factors, instead of hunting the Internet for information daily. An informed miner is a successful miner, and with BT-Miner’s crypto miner app, you can dominate the crypto world.

Smooth Navigation

Access the information you need effortlessly. Explore different crypto prices and compare miners with just a few clicks.

Check Prices

Our crypto price app allows you to monitor current cryptocurrency prices like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Armed with this information, you can strategically plan your moves, buying low and selling high for optimal profit.

Market Cap Insight

A cryptocurrency’s market cap reflects its total value. Analyzing market caps helps you assess the risk and potential profit of investing in a specific cryptocurrency. Our crypto market cap app lets you explore the market cap of various popular cryptocurrencies.

Profitability Calculator

Are you curious about your potential crypto mining earnings? Our crypto profit calculator app considers factors such as hardware, electricity costs, and mined cryptocurrency to provide an accurate daily profit estimate.

Expand Your Operation

Perhaps you’re looking to enhance your mining setup. Explore BT-Miner’s top products directly within the app. From mining hardware to parts and accessories, our high-quality products are built to perform and endure. We provide detailed information on our offerings to help you choose the right equipment for your mining operation.

Bonus Features

Our app offers additional features, such as mining pool rankings and halving countdowns. Uncover its full suite of functionalities today.

Making well-informed mining decisions shouldn’t be a hassle. At BT-Miners, our aim is to assist both new and seasoned miners in finding success with cryptocurrency. That’s why we built our app. Download the BT-Miners’ crypto miner app today to mine with confidence. It’s available on the Apple Store, Google Play, and via direct APK download.