Antminer universal test fixture

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Antminer chips fixture / Antminer test fixture / hashboard tester.


If you test a combined  miner (a  miner with  its own  power supply), you  must use the  power supply that comes with the  miner to power the test fixture  and the  hash  board.  It  is forbidden to  use  any third-party or adjustable  power supply!  Otherwise,  it  may  cause equipment   failure!


  1. High-quality and professional use;
  2. Itcan quickly locate the faulty chip;
  3. Accurate and efficient, greatly reducing the inspection time;
  4. TheAntminer test fixture is a necessary toolkit for repairing miners.

This Antminer test fixture / chips fixture supporting Antminer hash boards repair: S19 S19pro S17+ S17e S17 T17+ T17e T17 S15 T15 S11 S9se S9k S9j S9i S9 T9+ etc.

When submitting the order, please inform the salesperson which type of TF card (test data card) you need. If the model is not specified, we will send S17 test TF card by default, and you can replace the required model test card in the future.


If the test fixture is damaged due to the following reasons, we do not provide after-sale service:

  1. Connectto the network interface of the main control board of the test fixture to cause damage to the test fixture;
  2. 2.Change or delete files in SD/ TF card to cause damage to the test fixture.

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