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Goldshell KD box pro | Product Description & Setup


The 2022 New Home use KDA from Goldshell is coming. The New KD box pro is using similar design as the old KD box, but it comes with 2.6Th/s hashrate. This machine comes with a PSU that can fit 100V ~ 220V power. The quiet sound level makes it perfect for home use. We have also filmed an unboxing video of it, the link to the video is BT-Miners Goldshell KD-Box Pro User Guide - YouTube.

Main components

  1. Warranty Card X 1
  2. Wi-Fi Receiver X 1
  3. KD box pro X 1


KD box pro can support Wi-Fi wireless for operation, but it is recommended that you use a network cable broadband connection to the device, because the network delay of Wi-Fi is greater than the general transmission rate of 450Mbps to 600Mbps. and the use of network cable will ensure the stable operation of the machine, the general need for network cable is divided into twisted pair, coaxial cable, optical cable. The transmission rate is generally 10M to 100M, compared to WI-FI, the transmission speed is relatively faster and more stable. However, the power consumption of the network cable connection is much greater than that of WI-FI.

Preliminary preparation

Prepare the power supply and network cable to access the machine to power on and run, the power supply as well as the network cable interface and signal indicators are on the back of the unit. The following table shows the status of the indicator lights on the kd box pro.

1. Login to the server

Once the equipment indicator and the power indicator are normal, enter the IP address of the miner in your browser and enter the miner's back office, where you can use the software settings provided by the Goldshell website to retrieve all the miner devices on the LAN.

2. Backstage settings

Access the backend via IP address, the default miner is locked, click unlock to open the settings function. Background can set the target temperature of the miner, flashing light indication, Wi-Fi setting. Real-time view of miner status, parameters, count, etc.

Username: admin


3. Mining Pool Setup

KD box pro is a machine dedicated to mining KDA, you need to register a DxPool account first, and use sub-account name (not wallet address) to mine through DxPool KDA; registration address:, Note: DxPool stops providing mining service to mainland China users by December 31, 2021.


User/Worker: The pool sub-account name is the miner's name (this is the DxPool sub-account name, not the wallet address or mobile phone number. '; miner number is custom, e.g., test.001)

Password: any setting, e.g., 123456

After checking that the above information is correct, save the settings and the miner will start running within 1-2 minutes.

4. Miner monitoring and revenue viewing

You can view the miner information on the DxPool website after the miner has been running for approximately 10-15 minutes and is stably connected to the pool. Select KDA in the DxPool section and go to Miner Management to see the status and earnings of the miner.

5. Benefits manifestation: set up in Dxpool with your wallet account

  1. Withdrawals should be greater than 0.50,000 KDA.
  2. Withdrawals exceeding 500.00000 KDA within 24 hours require approval.
  3. Approval will be completed within 24 hours.
  4. Please make sure your computer and browser are secure to prevent tampering or leakage of information.
  5. KDA withdrawals require confirmation of chain number, assets transferred with different chain numbers will not be recovered, the mining pool chain number is 0.

Method 1: Automatic withdrawal (the system will usually withdraw funds once a day at around 10:00)

Method 2: Normal withdrawal (withdrawal at any time, over a certain limit requires manual review)

Hope you guys all enjoy crypto Mining. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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