S19 XP 140T 720DAYS

Rental products only support AntPool and f2pool

Rental fee:$17.28/T Equivalent:$2419.20/Unit
Hosting Electricity Fee : $0.0824/KWh Equivalent:$0.0431/T/Day






Product Advantages

Miners will be online within 7 business days, shorter breakeven period, lower cost, lower risks, and increased flexibility compared to traditional miner purchase.

Miner Rental 720 Days
Static Breakeven Days 318 Days
Miner Cost/T $17.28/T
Hosting Cost Equivalent $0.0824/kWh
Other Cost None. In the event of a miner repairment or maintenance, the hashrate will be provided by other functioning miners.
Mining Preparation Cycle Start mining after purchase
Mining Farm Management High-quality mining farm, professional operations, guaranteed hashrate working rate of 95%+

Product Details

Package Type Miner Rental
Currency BTC
Plan Duration 720 Days
Rental Fee $2419.20/Unit
Service Fee $0.0431/T/Days
Valid Time Immediately
Mining Pool AntPool/F2Pool
Revenue Address Personal Wallet