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BT Daily News: 10 Top Crypto Conferences to Watch Out for in 2023, and more


1. Ten Top Crypto Conferences to Watch Out for in 2023

Here are the top crypto conferences in 2023 for enthusiasts who are seeking to learn more about blockchain and crypto.

Attending cryptocurrency conferences is one of the best methods to learn more about cryptocurrencies and blockchain, as well as about DeFi, the metaverse, and all other emerging concepts. Many organizers are now hosting more live events so that crypto enthusiasts may network with key figures in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries. In 2023, there will be a lot of exciting crypto-related events to anticipate. We’ll be looking at the best 10 top crypto conferences in 2023 to participate in this article.

1. Blockchain Africa Conference: By attending the conference, Africa’s one of the top crypto conferences, one can learn how blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are transforming industries throughout the globe. Consider joining networking events, exploring presentations of cutting-edge blockchain and cryptocurrency companies, and receiving education from international thought leaders in the field. It will take place in Johannesburg, South Africa, on March 16-17, 2023.

2. Paris Blockchain Week Summit 2023: Don’t pass it up the fantastic chance to go to the Paris Blockchain Week Summit in 2023, which will be held at Le Carrousel du Louvre, France, from March 20-24. Participants have the chance to learn more about blockchain technology and its various applications at this five-day conference. The Paris Blockchain Week Conference gathers the world’s blockchain community to gain insights into the newest developments in the field. With panel discussions, keynote addresses, and workshops delivered by top authorities in the blockchain field, attendees will learn useful information.

3. WOW Summit: Global industry leaders, public authorities, business persons, organizations, and enthusiasts will all be present at WOW Summit. During this two-day event, visitors may look forward to seeing unusual and immersive exhibitions, learning useful business information, and learning about funding opportunities. Important subjects include, among others, the Metaverse, Web3 infrastructure, NFT, blockchain adoption, cybersecurity, and digital Identities. The summit will take place at Hong Kong’s AsiaWorld-Expo on March 29-30, 2023.

4. Consensus 2023: Held yearly in New York City, Consensus is one of the awaited crypto conferences in 2023. Leaders from both conventional financial and cryptocurrency-related businesses attend the event, along with people from the general public curious about blockchain technology. The Consensus will take place from April 26 through 28 in 2023 in Austin Texas.

5. Bitcoin 2023: Participate in the three-day Bitcoin 2023 event with other bitcoin lovers to learn about and celebrate the cryptocurrency. Join the biggest bitcoin expo hall in the world, local networking areas, and other activities. The event offers three passes, each with a different set of benefits. These are the Whale Pass, Industrial Pass, and General Entry Pass. Speakers on the first schedule include crypto miner Matt Odell, Vlogger Michelle Phan, CEO of Students for Liberty Wolf von Laer, and co-founder of the Bitcoin Policy Institute David Zell. The Bitcoin 2023 event will take place in Miami Beach, Florida, during May 18-20, 2023.

6. 2023 Blockchance: BlockChance 2023, one of Europe’s biggest blockchain conferences, will include more than 7,500 people, 250+ speakers, and 200 exhibitors in a roomy 7,000 sqm exhibition space. Discover the opportunities that can be unlocked with the use of blockchain technologies, meet major participants in the blockchain sector, and get a peek at the global blockchain economy. The Blockchance 2023 event will take place from June 28 to June 30, 2023, in Hamburg, Germany.

7. NFT Europe Show: The Web3, blockchain, digital art, and metaverse businesses will all be represented at the NFT Show Europe, which will also bring together artists, specialists, innovators, and enthusiasts from these fields. Explore one-of-a-kind immersive experiences, art collections, and exclusive works of art created by numerous international digital artists. The NFT Show Europe will take place in Valencia, Spain, on July 14 and 15, 2023.

8. Singapore Token2049: In Asia’s top cryptocurrency event, Token2049 Singapore, join founders, executives, developers, entrepreneurs, investors, worldwide media, and Web3 industry aficionados. Learn about international trends and business prospects in the Web3 industry. Via events, workshops, and networking opportunities find out more about crypto and Web3. The Singapore Token2049 will take place in the middle of September 2023 at Marina Bay Sands.

9. Pacific Bitcoin Festival 2023: Attend this event on the West Coast to find out more about increasing savings, building the Bitcoin portfolio, and safeguarding investments. Get information on how to buy Bitcoin, how to include it in an employee retirement plan, and other things, as well as analysis and opinion on all things Bitcoin from the Hard Money News Desk. The wonderful thing about this event is that it accepts Bitcoiners of all experience levels, from beginners to specialists. The Pacific Bitcoin Festival 2023 will take place in Santa Monica, California, on September 28 and 29, 2023.

10. 2023 Decentralized: The Decentralized 2023 Conference, commonly referred to as the world’s “top learning conference on blockchain and digital currencies,” will feature over 1,500 attendees, 100+ presenters, and more than 20 exhibitors from over 50 nations. On November 1-3, 2023, Decentralized 2023 will take place in the Megaron Athens International Convention Center in Athens, Greece.

2. Pennsylvania pioneered bitcoin mining with nuclear power plants

As miners brace for a projected increase in mining difficulty, Nautilus' innovative approach promises to revolutionize the energy-intensive process.

TeraWulf Launches 100% Nuclear-Powered Bitcoin Mining
Bitcoin mining is a controversial issue due to the high energy consumption and negative impact on energy resources and the environment. However, several bitcoin mining companies have turned to renewable energy sources such as hydroelectric power and solar power. TeraWulf, the owner and operator of 91% carbon-free bitcoin mining facilities, has now opened a 100% nuclear-powered bitcoin mining facility in the United States.

It is no coincidence that TeraWulf is taking this step just as Bitcoin miners are preparing for a new difficulty adjustment and the computing power required to mine new coins is at an all-time high.

According to projections by cryptocurrency mining data company CoinWarz, the next difficulty adjustment will take place on March 10th, increasing the current difficulty level from 43.05T to 44.46T.

The amount of computing power used to mine bitcoin globally (the “hash rate”) tends to increase the difficulty of bitcoin mining . In order to keep the average time between mined blocks on the blockchain at 10 minutes, regardless of the hash rate, the difficulty increases proportionally.

Bitcoin hash rate has been increasing steadily since June 2021. At the end of January this year, it set a new record of over 300 EH/s and surpassed it by almost 100 EH/s at the end of February. According to CoinWarz, on March 2, the hash rate again approached its all-time high, hitting 385 EH/s.

The Bitcoin network becomes more secure and resistant to attacks as the hash rate increases, which is considered an indication of its widespread use. Because of this, Bitcoin is often considered the most secure cryptocurrency on the market.

Despite this, miners' profit margins are being squeezed even further due to the increased difficulties, which could pose a challenge for many of the big miners after a poor market that lasted for almost a year.

3. Solo Bitcoin miner defies odds to mine valid BTC block, gets $150K block reward

A solo Bitcoin miner has managed to solve/mine the 780,112th block in the Bitcoin blockchain and received a 6.5 Bitcoin block reward in return. The estimated value of the payout is over $150,000.

The solo miner was also lucky to have produced a valid hash just after two days of the mining, as the event itself is rare and can take months for a solo miner to produce a valid hash.

The rare event occurred on March 10 and was only the 270th solo mined block in Bitcoin’s 13-year-long history. The event's rarity could be understood from the fact that a solo miner of this size will usually solve a block on average about once every 10 months.

The miner created a solo mining pool using the Solo CK Pool mining service, for which they produced a valid block hash and were rewarded with 6.25 BTC and a fee reward of roughly 0.63 BTC.

Dr Con Kolivas, the admin of the Solo CK mining pool with a Twitter username @ckpooldev noted that the miner behind the rare event might have temporarily rented hashpower to produce output hash.

Bitcoin mining requires miners to input computational power to solve and add the next Bitcoin block to the network. However, with the growing popularity of BTC mining and the constant rise in the network hashrate and powerful mining machines, it's near impossible for a solo miner to solve the whole block on their own.

Thus, a valid block hash is often produced using the computational power of multiple mining rigs, all trying to mine the next block. The block reward is distributed according to the input hashrate of each miner of mining pools.

The Solo CK mining pool has been behind several solo-mined Bitcoin blocks in the past as well. Two of these solo-mined blocks came in January 2022, only two weeks apart with the first occurring on Jan. 11, 2022, at a block height of 718,124 followed by another rare occurrence on Jan 24, at a block height of 720,175.
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