A letter to the purchase of the November batch of Goldshell KD5 Kedena mining machine

With the sincerest apology, we will not be able to deliver to some of the customers who ordered the November batch of Goldshell KD5 Kedena miners from us.


On __September 28th,2021____ , we ordered __15__ units of Goldshell KD5 Kadena Miner through a third party vendor __Shenzhen Xiaoya Duo Technology Co., Ltd.______. This vendor is a company that we have partnered with multiple times in the past in small in-stock miners and they have always delivered. This time, however, after we make payment, ___ Shenzhen Xiaoya Duo Technology Co., Ltd.__ disappeared with our money. At this time, we are filing a lawsuit against _Shenzhen Xiaoya Duo Technology Co., Ltd.  in hope of recouping some of that loss.


In this industry, it is very normal for international vendors like BT-Miners to buy from domestic Chinese vendors who are able to approach the manufacturers with more cash upfront. Unfortunately, in this case, we did not realize their scheme until it is too late.


For all the customers that we will not be able to fulfill the November batch of Goldshell KD5 Kedena Miner as promised, rest assured that we will NOT carry the scam over to you. We will issue full refund for what was paid as well as a $1000 compensation coupon for your next purchase. We understand that this may not make up for the trust that you instilled in us. We hope to slowly regain some of that trust with future purchases/ partnerships.


There are a lot of scam in this new industry of cryptocurrency. We are a company that believes in honesty and transparency, and we hope, with this announcement, that everyone will be more aware and careful on your purchases.


Best of luck mining!


Kechen Tang

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