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Dear Valued Customers,

We are excited to announce the arrival of our latest lineup of cutting-edge cryptocurrency mining hardware at BT-Miners! Whether you’re a seasoned miner or just starting your journey in the world of cryptocurrency mining, our new arrivals offer something for everyone. Read on to discover the innovative features and capabilities of each product:

Bombax EZ100-C

The Quite Model in 3U Chassis offers a potent combination of power and efficiency, making it an ideal choice for cryptocurrency mining operations. With support for ETCHash and ETHash algorithms, it covers a diverse range of supported coins including ETC, ZIL, CAU, BTN, XPB, DOGETHER, OCTA, and LRS. Boasting a hashrate of 3200 MH/s ± 5%, this mining rig delivers impressive performance while maintaining energy efficiency, consuming only 570W ± 5% of power on the wall at 25 ℃. With a power efficiency rating of 0.18 J/MH ± 5% @ 25 ℃, it ensures optimal energy utilization, maximizing profitability for miners.

View Bombax EZ100-C Specification

DragonBall KS6

The KS6 model stands tall as a formidable mining powerhouse, boasting an impressive algorithm that leverages kHeavyHash and KAS-Kaspa technologies. With a remarkable hashrate of 10.5 TH/s, it commands efficiency and performance in the cryptocurrency mining domain. Its robust design ensures stability and reliability, making it a preferred choice for miners seeking optimal output. Equipped with cutting-edge power management, the KS6 consumes 3400 watts of power at 25°C, achieving an exceptional power efficiency of 0.308 J/G. This model sets a new standard in energy-conscious mining, striking a balance between high performance and sustainable operation.

View DragonBall KS6 Specification

Avalon A1566

The Avalon Miner A1566, with an outstanding computing power of 185Thash/s and a targeted optimized energy efficiency ratio of 18.5J/T, is the second generation of 1xJ/T series products released by Canaan. The A1566 provides a more dependable mining experience, setting a new benchmark in performance with improved power efficiency. The new model is the result of Canaan’s ongoing market research, heightened investment in product development, and partnership with partners to create chips that perform better using the most recent advanced process. Canaan believes that the A1566 will let users actively adapt to the “post-halving” period, boosting profitability and risk resistance even more.

View Antminer A1566 Specification

Antminer L9

The Bitmain Antminer L9 eyes supporting Litecoin (LTC), Bells (BEL), and DOGE mining with an energy efficiency of 0.21J/M. With a hashrate of 17.6G/S and a reliable variation range of -5% to +5%, this mining machine ensures consistent and efficient cryptocurrency mining operations. Its optimized design allows for reliable and powerful processing, maximizing mining output while maintaining stability. Furthermore, the Antminer L9 17.6G boasts a wall power consumption of 3400W/h, making it an energy-efficient choice that helps minimize operational costs.

View Antminer L9 Specification

Avalon Nano 3

Unleash the power of the Avalon Nano 3 and turn your home into a revenue-generating hub! This compact and efficient miner not only heats your space but also mines cryptocurrency daily, putting money back in your pocket. Avalon Nano 3 is a portable small heater that can generate Bitcoin. It is developed and produced by the NASDAQ-listed company Canaan Inc. and belongs to the Avalon product line. Plug, heat, and earn $0.3 each day. Transform Your Home into a Profitable Oasis with Avalon Nano 3!

View Avalon Nano 3 Specification

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to upgrade your mining operation with our latest arrivals! Contact our team today to learn more about our new products and secure your order before they’re gone.


BT-Miners Team

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