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Cryptocurrency mining is being an extra opportunity for additional income. Thus, may people quit the Cryptocurrency mining group, because they don’t want to pay more cost. Mining from your home seems like a lucrative venture. People don’t need to pay anyone else handwork fee. Especially with the rise of digital currencies and the allure of decentralized systems, low cost, comfortable surroundings, makes people being home miners. However, under the safe and seem-like benefit phenomenon, mining at home is full of numerous risks and dangers. As an individual home miner should be acutely aware of before embarking on such an unknown quick money venture.

Lack of Mining Expertise

Home-based mining operations first will face to involve a myriad of technical complexities that are often underestimated by enthusiasts. Mining is not like a real miner to dig in the cave. It is working on the internet. Setting up and maintaining the required hardware demands a certain level of expertise. That is the key for mining. Such as powerful graphics processing units or specialized mining rigs. Newbie miners may find themselves grappling with huge complex equipment with more configurations, cooling requirements, and electrical considerations. These are all mining requirements, and they are the potential hazards associated with home mining. If the home miner does not have the ability to get know or operate these equipment systems, they are not suitable for mining at home. Or they met any problems, whatever is technical flaw or unskilled operations, that may make them lose everything, and pay high maintain expense.

Uncontrolled Electrical Cost and Fire Hazard

Electrical issue is another primary problem when you are a home miner. Mining rigs cost high electrical power. That will make home-use power hungry. And probably, the continuous system running will cause overloading electrical circuits. Fire hazard will possible happen. Once a significant fire hazard comes, not only financial losses will happen, but also endanger the lives of those residing in the home, such as your parents, spouse or kids. The importance of adhering to electrical safety standards cannot be overstated, but many home miners neglect this critical aspect, or they don’t care it when they see the money coming quickly. Electrical power is not the only reason to curse fire hazard. We have to learn when the mining equipment are running, heat will increase up quickly. Inadequate cooling solutions may result in overheating, leading to hardware malfunctions or serious fire. The definitely need for efficient cooling systems adds an extra layer of complexity and cost to home mining setups. Some home miner only focus on low cost of handwork fee, but ignore of high equipment fee. If we cannot deal with the heat dissipation properly, it will expose miners to severe risks, the loss of expensive equipment, the compromising of their safety, etc. Do you still feel mining is safe and cheap at home?

Fragile Cyber Virus Defend

Now, we talk about security. Cyber security is always the problem. If the home miners run the mining software, they have to connect with the outside systems. In this processing, if the cyber criminals are targeting on you, they will seek to exploit vulnerabilities in mining software or infiltrate poorly secured networks. As you know, the high-speed running mining systems are always the attractive aim for these criminals. They will steal all the assort that you got from mining, even place the virus in your systems. So, you have to highlight the need for robust cyber security measures. However, home miners will not pay attention to the security concerns. They consider that financial losses and the compromise of sensitive personal information will not be stolen so easily.

Physical and Mental Problems

Beside all above problems, we have to talk about the health. The health we mentioned is not just the environmental aspects, but the health and well-being of individuals. Prolonged exposure in the noise situation will hurt hearing. And all the mining equipment are full of noise. Home miners are used to sit in front of the equipment, that lead to physical health issues. Except that, home miner have habit that they can not control themselves to ignore the digital data which mean to money. If the cryptocurrency market is unstable, they will be in mood.

Mining Hosting is Necessary

Above all, the allure of mining from the comfort of their home should be compared with a thorough understanding of the potential dangers involved. Whatever from technical challenges or electrical hazards to environmental concerns and security risks, we don’t think home mining is a suitable way to get the extra money. So, you can go out, find an electrician, and spend thousands of dollars just to run a single miner. Or you can find a mining facility that can handle all your needs with no hassle.

Mining host is totally isolated world for home miners. People don’t need to stay in the noisy situation. They protect their hearing for sure. Also, they don’t need to find the more advanced technical equipment to support their mining, because mining host will do every preparation for them. Centralized mining running means less carbon consumption and pollution. Meanwhile, mining host always put the firewall in the mining systems, that can defeat all the cyber criminals. That helps us to keep the wealth we get from the mining.

About BT-Miners Crypto Mining Hosting

BT-Miners have a few hosting facilities based in the United States. It can help you host multiple mining machines. You have remote access to your miner to check the temperature and the hashrate is meeting your standards. Mining hosting services allow providers to develop and establish mining equipment for customers. This concept usually needs customers to get mining equipment transferred to a data center or a mining farm. As soon as it’s done, customers just need to cover electricity and storage expenses associated with hosting activities.

Mining hosting lightens your burden. You don’t need to spend much time making your crypto mining efforts. All that will be done for you professionally. You also don’t need to spend money on such an expensive process. All that will be covered by the hosting company of your choice. Simply, Bitcoin mining hosting provides all in one solution.

If you purchase a hosting product, we can put the machine on the shelves at the latest 2-5 days after you send the mining machine to the designated address; if you purchase the machine on our website and host it, the machine will be put on the shelves after the mining machine arrives at the mining factory, which is expected The mining machine will be put on the shelves after the machine delivery time of 7-10 days. Most new miners come with a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty. You will need to verify before you purchase. Some used miners come with 3-9 months warranty remaining, but this is not always the case.

BT-Miners supports 12-Month Miner Hosting Service. You can pay for the full term of the hosting period or pay monthly. For monthly payments, we do require 3 months of payments up front: first and last month as well as 1 month of electricity payment as deposit for any repair works we may need to do for you.

If contract is not renewed, we will package your miner and ship it back to you. Please note that unless shipping label is provided, we will deduct shipping cost from your deductible.

Contact Us About Crypto Hosting Deposits

You can directly click on this link to see more details of the hosting service: https://bt-miners.com/hosting/. If you are hosting more than 10 units, please contact us by email: store@bt-miners.com Or call our contact number: +1-813-820-0668. Please remember to note the following information:

  • Types of miners and quantities of each.
  • Type of hosting (air-cooled or immersion).
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