S19 XP 140T 360DAYS

Rental fee:$6.71/T Equivalent:$938.25.00/Unit
Hosting Electricity Fee : $0.0832/KWh Equivalent:$0.0429/T/Day




Product Advantages

Miner rental offers immediate mining, shorter breakeven period, lower cost, lower risks, and increased flexibility compared to traditional miner purchase.

Miner Rental 360 Days
Static Breakeven Days 360 Days
Miner Cost/T $6.71/T
Hosting Cost Equivalent $0.0832/kWh
Other Cost None. In the event of a miner repairment or maintenance, the hashrate will be provided by other functioning miners.
Mining Preparation Cycle Start mining after purchase
Mining Farm Management High-quality mining farm, professional operations, guaranteed hashrate working rate of 95%+

Product Details

Package Type Miner Rental
Currency BTC
Plan Duration 228Days
Rental Fee $938.25.00/Unit
Service Fee $0.0429/T/Days
Valid Time Immediately
Mining Pool AntPool/F2Pool
Revenue Address Personal Wallet

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