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iPollo V1 Mini+ Classic Description

iPollo V1 Mini+ Classic is designed to mine ETC with 280Mh/s hash power with only 224W power consumption. With this quiet and low power consumption design, you can easily put in anywhere you like. No matter in the office or bedroom, it bothers nobody. And it gives you $4 daily passive income.  What can I say more.

Hope you guys all enjoy crypto Mining.

– BT-Miners


* Super quiet, it can be running even in the office or bedroom.

* Super low power consumption.

* 6 months factory warranty


Manufacturer ipollo
Algo ETCHash
HashRate 280M(±10% for used)
Coin ETC
Type Home Miner
Noise level 40db
Fan(s)  N/A
Power 270W
Voltage 110V~240V
Interface Ethernet
Memory 3.6G RAM
Temperature 0 – 40 °C
Humidity 5 – 95 %

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