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Crypto Mining Hosting Services

At BT-Miners, we partner with multiple Mining Farms to provide crypto mining hosting service for interested customers. The benefits of using a mining farm is that customers can monitor and mine remotely and safely, at a cheaper electricity rate. A Mining Farm is a great option if you are looking to expand the number of miners you operate. Our partners also provide maintenance services for the miners. You don't have to deal with issues such the space to house the units, adding 220V electrical wiring, and the heat or noise generated from mining rigs. The crypto payments go directly into your account.

BT-Miners is currently in the planning phase to construct a Mining Farm in United States. We are open to new Mining Farm partners - Please contact us.

Container Mining Farm 

Another service BT-Miners provides is helping our customers get access to mining containers for farming crypto. These containers look like shipping containers you typically see in a shipping yard or transported on a cargo ship. Pre-fabricated mining containers can reduce costs and make crypto farming more organized and effective. They provide a suitable environment for your rigs while also saving on infrastructure development. On top of that, they can be customized to provide a long-lasting and secure home for your valuable mining equipment. We do our best to serve our customers’ mining needs in any way we can. We ensure each service and product we offer is tailored to best serve you. Making the decision to start mining crypto can be daunting and downright scary. Luckily for you, BT-Miners is here to make that process as simple as we possibly can.

Crypto Mining Pool

Quality cryptocurrency mining equipment can be very expensive. Combined with the fluctuating utilities and cryptocurrency markets, deciding to start mining can be an intimidating process. One of the ways our customers can get started in mining is through pooled mining. Simply, a group of miners pool their resources and work together to collectively mine for cryptocurrency. They share in the costs and then divide the profits per agreed upon terms of the pool based on each person's contribution. The advantage of a mining pool is that more people can get involved in mining without the risk and expense of owning, operating and maintaining all their own equipment. The downside of a mining pool is that profits are then split among multiple people.  

If you are interested in joining a Mining Pool or currently operate a Mining Pool and looking for new partners, please contact BT-Miners.  

Hosting Company Resources

  • Hydropower Sioux Falls / South Dakota Mining / Mining

    Bitmain manufactured machines 

    Annual Adequate location

    Posted on 2022-5-13
  • Hydropower Mountain Integration

    Address: Arnold Missouri 

    Annual 1 Pallet Adequate location

    Posted on 2022-5-15
  • Hydropower 3 unit MOQ Ace Host

    Address: Tampa FL 

    Annual 1 Pallet Adequate location

    Posted on 2022-5-15
  • Note: The above hosting companies have no affiliation with BT-Miners. Content is for reference only.

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