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  • BT-Miners

    BT News Daily: What Events Affect Bitcoin price?

    Fiscal policies, economic growth indicators and inflation rates have no impact on the direction of Bitcoin. These factors usually affect the value of national currencies, which, unlike Bitcoin, are issued by the central bank or backed by governments.
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  • BT-Miners

    Bitcoin mining amid new resources and abandonments

    At a time in history when the crypto market is in the midst of an adolescent crisis between marketplaces that are jumping and a Bitcoin that is holding its own despite the situation (showing great strength and solid foundations) mining remains a tool that knows how to attract resources but there are also those who abandon the practice.
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  • BT Daily News: New FTX Boss slams Sam Bankman-Fried, El Salvador President vows to buy 1 Bitcoin daily, and more

    BT Daily News: New FTX Boss slams Sam Bankman-Fried, El Salvador President vows to buy 1 Bitcoin daily, and more

    El Salvador President Nayib Bukele and Tron cryptocurrency founder Justin Sun, who is also a Permanent Representative of Grenada to the World Trade Organization, on Thursday announced they would accumulate one Bitcoin every day, notwithstanding the possibility of a prolonged crypto winter.
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  • BT-Miners

    What Is Crypto Mining? How Does It Work?

    At its height, bitcoin mining sparked a price war for GPUs (Graphics Processor Units) that pushed their prices to an all-time high. The GPU manufacturer Advanced Micro Devices did rather well financially, investor interest in the company’s stock skyrocketed, and trading volume reached a 10-year high.
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  • Bitcoin (BTC) Miners Sell Most in 5 Years

    Bitcoin (BTC) Miners Sell Most in 5 Years

    Rising global electricity prices and the falling price of BTC have made cryptocurrency mining increasingly unprofitable. Retail Bitcoin miners, who were hit earliest by mining costs, had to shut down their rigs some time ago.
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  • BT-miners

    Bitcoin Mining – a helpful guide for beginners

    The process of mining Bitcoin, a digital currency that has captured worldwide attention and vastly increased in value over the last few years, is not as complicated or involved as it might seem. If you want to start mining Bitcoins, go to Bitcoin Profit, the most reputable trading platform.
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  • BT-miners

    BT Daily News: The future is promising for Bitcoin and Ethereum miners

    The future is promising for Bitcoin and Ethereum miners and enthusiasts, and it’s a potentially rewarding enterprise for anyone who wants to give it a go. Crypto mining requires very high computing power to solve complex mathematical equations to verify transactions and add them to the blockchain digital ledger. 
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