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  • BT-Miners

    BT News Daily: What Events Affect Bitcoin price?

    Fiscal policies, economic growth indicators and inflation rates have no impact on the direction of Bitcoin. These factors usually affect the value of national currencies, which, unlike Bitcoin, are issued by the central bank or backed by governments.
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  • BT-miners

    This was last week's most important bitcoin news

    Another new week is ahead. To help you on your way, we've listed the biggest crypto news of the past week. In this edition we again see problems with what crypto companies pass by, and an interesting bitcoin price prediction is also made.
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  • BT-Miners

    BT Daily News: Bitcoin miners look to software to help balance the Texas grid, and more

    Although Bitcoin (BTC) mining remains a controversial topic, it’s becoming more common to hear how Bitcoin mining can help balance grid demand. This is being demonstrated in the state of Texas, as Bitcoin miners are able to participate in demand response programs, which incentivize miners to turn off their operations during peak demand.
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  • BT-Miners

    BT Daily News: Does Bitcoin Mining Bring Any Profits? and more

    Bitcoin mining is carried out using specialized processing equipment, and miners are paid in Bitcoin in exchange for validating transactions on the blockchain by resolving a challenging problem known as a "hash."
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  • BT-Miners

    Bitcoin mining amid new resources and abandonments

    At a time in history when the crypto market is in the midst of an adolescent crisis between marketplaces that are jumping and a Bitcoin that is holding its own despite the situation (showing great strength and solid foundations) mining remains a tool that knows how to attract resources but there are also those who abandon the practice.
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  • BT-Miners

    What Is Crypto Mining? How Does It Work?

    At its height, bitcoin mining sparked a price war for GPUs (Graphics Processor Units) that pushed their prices to an all-time high. The GPU manufacturer Advanced Micro Devices did rather well financially, investor interest in the company’s stock skyrocketed, and trading volume reached a 10-year high.
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  • Bitcoin (BTC) Miners Sell Most in 5 Years

    Bitcoin (BTC) Miners Sell Most in 5 Years

    Rising global electricity prices and the falling price of BTC have made cryptocurrency mining increasingly unprofitable. Retail Bitcoin miners, who were hit earliest by mining costs, had to shut down their rigs some time ago.
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