Goldshell HS Lite Handshake and Sia Miner 1.36 TH/S With Power Supply | BT-MINERS

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HS Lite Description

Goldshell HS Lite Handshake & Siacoin miner is designed for home use, it accepts 110 ~ 240V power supply which means it can be used in any residence home all around world. And the quiet fan design makes it free to be leave in home without bothering your sleep. This Home miners completely fit the decentralization concept of block chain and make everyone capable to mine crypto coins.

Hope you all enjoying mining.



Hashrate 1.36 TH/S(±10% for used)
Wall power 1250 W/h(±10% for used)
Noise quiet
Voltage Input 110V~240V
Connection Ethernet
Dimension 264mm×200mm ×290mm
Weight 8.5kg
Operating Temp 0~35 ℃
Warranty 6 months for brand new

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