3 Month Hosting Deposit $.11/kWh

*The start time is when the machine comes online.

from $420.74





  • This price includes the $50 setup fee.
  • Please select your machine. Be sure to select the correct machine so we may ensure your machine stays plugged in during the duration of the contract.
  • These hosting deposits are only for machines purchased from us. Please email store@bt-miners.com for information regarding us hosting machines purchased elsewhere.
  • We are no longer backlogged on hosting. Once your hosting deposit is purchased you are expected to be plugged in within 2-3 weeks. All hosting is within the US.
  • $.11/kWh is the discounted price for paying 3 months upfront and is valid throughout the entire 3-month agreement. A new contract will be sent after 3 months at the agreed upon price.