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What Altcoin Is Best To Get Started in Mining?

What Altcoin Is Best To Get Started in Mining?

Most people have heard of Bitcoin, Ethereum, or many of the other top cryptocurrencies. Still, there are dozens of other cryptos perfect for those just starting their mining operations. Read this guide on what altcoin is best to get started in mining to learn more.


ZCash is one of the best cryptos for solo miners. It’s based on private transactions to shield your crypto wallet. Corporations or other larger institutions often trace public transactions for data and consumer history. ZCash allows you to remain private and even has backing from academics at MIT and John Hopkins as well as other top universities. Additionally, it’s best for GPU miners with rewards every 75 seconds and a block hash produced every 2.5 minutes.


Those who wish to join a collective mining pool may find Litecoin as a better option. Litecoin (LTC) offers fast transactions in 2.5 minutes with a reward of 12.5 tokens. While you can use a GPU miner for Litecoin, it’s most profitable using an ASIC miner because of the preinstalled software and higher mining specifications.


One of the best altcoins to get started in mining is Monero (XMR). Whether or not you’re familiar with it, Monero is a great first-time crypto for GPUs. Like ZCash, it emphasizes privacy and nontraceability. Monero transactions hide important details, like amount sent, received, and IP addresses. Further, it’s sufficiently energy effective. Users can expect rewards within 24 seconds for approximately five tokens.


The last altcoin to consider is Ravencoin. This crypto is also beneficial for beginners as it facilitates peer-to-peer transactions. While based on Bitcoin, Ravencoin is open entirely to the community. It does not rely on master nodes or ICO. Another benefit to Ravencoin is that users can mine with GPU miners and mine different cryptos at the same time. Given the low initial energy costs, Ravencoin is a popular option for beginners getting into crypto.

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