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Web3.0 and privacy protection

Web3.0 and privacy protection

We are still in the era of Web 2.0, which marks the current Internet era of social media-driven linking and interaction. But the most critical issue of Web 2.0 is the misuse of personal data and privacy violation. Here I first explain what is WEB3.0, simply put WEB3.0 is the future of the network, that is, everything is connected. The word "connected" is actually commonly understood as a question-and-answer mode, that is, semantic (artificial intelligence) search.



When searching for content, there is a high probability that the person who provided the data will therefore leak the data, such as name, address, etc. It is also likely that the leaked data will be used by some unscrupulous people.


And the current account data are basically some centralized big manufacturers such as: Alibaba, Tencent, facebook, google, etc. centralized storage. At some level we privacy security are these large companies to be responsible for privacy encryption. And Web3.0 directly through the protocol layer to achieve data storage, privacy protection, identity authentication and other basic functions. Under Web3.0, the privacy protection protocol combined with blockchain technology can play an important role as a technical infrastructure in building data property rights.


Oasis Network is actually better than distributed storage. It can be said that it is a very important part of the future of privacy and security. Oasis Network is not only highly secure, high performance, and highly scalable, but also highly customizable: developers can customize ParaTime to fit multi-functional application scenarios.



In terms of privacy protection implementation mechanism, Oasis Network introduces Trusted Execution Environment TEE: Oasis adopts Intel's SGX extended instruction set "TEE Trusted Execution Environment" to implement privacy protection. In fact, many public chains are far better than Ether in terms of technology, but they are more concentrated because there are too many applications on Ether. The overall share, together with the consensus of users where, so the reliance on Ether is very strong, but Ether is not only a technical bottleneck currently encountered, but also the entire user use threshold is getting higher and higher, gas costs are very high, which is what many people are currently complaining about.


As the official EVM compatible ParaTime on Oasis Network, Emerald achieves low cost - over 99% lower than Ether. Also the growth of ROSE market cap will be driven up by believers and institutions together, then my suggestion is that the underlying technology of public chain is worth holding. While the current price is still completely at the bottom, stay calm. When the whole ecological construction is very mature in the future, the market value goes up with it, and there is nothing for you to do.


This also gives many public chains the opportunity to reverse course sideways and retain users who can't use Ether and the Defi app. The opportunity to bend the curve.

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