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This was last week's most important bitcoin news

Another new week is ahead. To help you on your way, we've listed the biggest crypto news of the past week. In this edition we again see problems with what crypto companies pass by, and an interesting bitcoin price prediction is also made.

1. How bitcoin can rise to $250,000

Starting with a bitcoin price prediction. The well-known billionaire and venture capitalist Tim Draper expects that the king of crypto can make a big increase. According to him, this could happen as soon as BTC is actually used as a means of payment.

Remarkably enough, it is expected that it will mainly be women who will have a major influence on this:

Women control 80% of retail spending. And that is usually the food, clothing and shelter. And when women realize they can get a discount by paying with Bitcoin, when retailers realize they can double their profits by accepting Bitcoin, things will move pretty quickly.”

Of course, no one knows exactly what bitcoin will do in the future. It is important to emphasize that this is therefore a price expectation.

2. Crypto platform Genesis in trouble

As you probably already know, crypto is still in dire straits. After the collapse of crypto exchange FTX, other companies also ran into problems. One of them is the crypto lending platform Genesis.

Last week it was announced that Genesis was seeking an immediate $1 billion loan. If the platform does not manage to find this money quickly, it could collapse. That would then be the next major party to fall over due to the debacle.

3. FTX hacker splits ethereum loot

Finally, some FTX news. The hacker who managed to raise nearly half a billion dollars in ethereum from the crypto exchange split his loot this week. The 180,000 ETH was sent to new wallets in packets of 15,000 ETH. It is not clear what exactly the hacker intends to do. However, Ethereum investors are holding their breath as a dump on the market can of course cause a falling price.

It sounds like it's all doom and gloom, and maybe it is right now. However, the CEO of Binance spoke some positive words yesterday. “I think 2022 was a very tough year for the industry, too much has happened in the past six months. Now the industry is healthier,” Changpeng Zhao said.
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