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uGW800 IoT Hotspot LoRaWAN Device User Manual


Why set up HNT hotspot?

The Helium is the peer-to-peer wireless network that provides a secure and cost-effective way for low-power Internet of Things devices to send data to and from the Internet. Using Hotspots and other IoT device data transmitters, network developers can prove their contributions to the network through Proof of Coverage Challenges to get rewarded with HNT tokens. HNT creates Data Credits, which are used to pay for information and token transfer fees. The blockchain and token Helium developed a new cryptographic consensus mechanism for the network to provide incentives for the network to expand and maintain behavior. Helium provides utility services for extending the network to specific geographic areas, which are verified through Helium's Proof of Coverage rules. In the end, gateways will grant tokens, rewarding them for their efforts to contribute verified to the underlying network.

Why will uGW800 be the first and final HNT hotspot for you?

uGW800 has features of advanced technology, built-in IP65 waterproof casing, stable signal reception, extremely low power consumption, and reasonable price. It supports 4G/5G and remote control in the future through a built-in expansion module (mini PCIe). It is possible to upgrade the functions of all equipment by purchasing components.

1. Unboxing confirmation

Once unboxing, you can find your uGW800, your GPS antenna, LoRa antenna, 12V-DC power adapter and SIM card pin. Once you have unboxed and find out you have lost components or the rubber covers for your uGW800 Network port, Power port or slot port is damaged. Please take the ticket first and contact after-sale members for help.

2. Hardware Install

  • Open your box, take out uGW800, Power adaptor and antenna.
  • Connect your antenna to specific RP-SMA port.
  • Connect your internet cable.
  • Connect 12V power adapter or use USB TYPE C to power up your miner, wait the indicator light changed from red to yellow then finally green.

3. Software Install

  • Download uG App and Helium Wallet from App Store and Google Play, listed below:

  • Download two App, then first go to Helium Wallet and make sure you have your personal wallet. If not, please follow the instructions from Helium Wallet to have your own wallet.

4. Set-up hotspot

Step 1: Open uG App, Select “Login with Helium Wallet APP”. Once connected, will jump into the front page of uG APP.

Step 2: Use SIM Card Pin to the configuration button, press and hold for seconds, you can see the configuration light changed into blue, which means your miner is in Bluetooth mode.

Step 3: Select "Add Hotspot" and read the tips of placing your hotspot. Click “Scan for my hotspot” and start scanning. Click the corresponding icon, select the appropriate hotspot to connect.

Step 4: Select suitable WIFI and enter password to access the network. Click “Use Ethernet Instead” for Ethernet users.

Step 5: Follow the instruction to set hotspot location and submit antenna or height details. Please fill in the correct information according to the actual situation.

Step 6: Click “Register Hotspot” to pair hotspot to the Helium Network. It takes around 15 minutes to complete the setup process. After 15 minutes, please reflash your front page, the front page will display the ID and location of your online miner. At the same time, please go to and check whether the ID names of the deployed uGW800 appears in thedeployment area. If there are no problems with two aspects listed above, the entire deployment and setup process is completed.

5. FAQs

Q1: What are the meanings of the different lights of miner?

Light Color  Status Description
Red light blinking When the device is powered on or upgraded when light turns red, it would turn yellow when upgrade is completed, and turns green when connected to the network (chain). If light does not change for a long time (more than 1 hour), device is faulty.
Yellow light blinking The device hardware is working normally, but doesn’t connect to Network(chain)
Green light blinking System operates normally
Blue light blinking System is booting
-- Power Off

Q2: After miner start up, can power adapter and TYPE C connected at the same time?

A: Yes, you can.

Q3: The LoRa antenna and GPS antenna cannot screw all the way down, is it normal?

A: The reason why LoRa and GPS antennas cannot screw all the way down is because we reserved the length of the thread for future antennas, it is normal.

Q4: After my miner goes online, and there is the phenomenon of alternating yellow and green lights, is it normal?

A: Seldom happened with phenomenon of alternating yellow and green lights is normal. If happened too frequent, we highly recommended you change your internetenvironment.

Q5: I would like to check with miner information, but Bluetooth cannot connect successfully, how to solve this problem?

A: It had high probability that you had done connected to your miner with Bluetooth once. You can go to Bluetooth setting on your phone, and delete/forget uGW series equipment. Then back to App and reconnect again. That can help you to solve the problem you had.

Q6: What should I do if I start my miner and indicator light is always red?

A: Your miner had high probability meet hardware situation, please directly contact after-sale member for help.

Q7: Why my miner always shown as “Offline”?

A1: Go to website and check your miner in the deployment area to make sure your miner is offline or not.

A2: Check whether the power port or network port is disconnected or not. If this is the hardware problem, please reconnect the hardware and power off themachine or long press the configuration button around 10 seconds. Once miner’s led light changed into red and release the button to restore. Factory settings might help to solve the problems.

A3: Try to change the internet cable or change the internet connection to solve the problem.

A4: If you cannot solve issues with the actions listed above, please contact after-sale member for remote diagnosis.

Q8: My miner information shown at front page of APP, but deployment location is empty, what should I do?

A: You are more likely to encounter is that the packet loss problem occurs when the address information is transmitted. You can click the location empty miner from APP front page, and choose “connect”. Once connect, you can redo assert location by sending location again, that might help you with your problem.

Q9: There is no profit after I setting up my miner, what should I do?

A1: Go to website and check your miner in the deployment area to make sure your miner is offline or not.

A2: Make sure your miner is located in open space or windows which can face to the open space.

A3: Check with map from and see whether you are the only miner in your area. If you are the only one miner in your area, you cannot earn profit.

A4: Please check the location setting shown on APP and your actual location. The miner on chain will be authenticated. If the conflict with the actual location is too large. No profit will be given if the result is not passed. Please change your location address again.

A5: Go to, check activity of your online miner and see if there is Witnessed Beacon or not. If there is no problem with four actions listed above, but no Witnessed Beacon listed. Please contact after-sale member for remote diagnosis.

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