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Environmental Protection Agency subject PoW mining firms to “stringent reviews”

Environmental Protection Agency subject PoW mining firms to “stringent reviews”

A group of eight environmentally-focused organizations asked several government agencies under the Biden administration to implement new approaches in response to proof-of-work (PoW) and other crypto-mining operations.

The group of eight proposed that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) subject PoW mining companies to “rigorous reviews” on mining permits “to mitigate the harms of mining waste disposal. of large-scale cryptocurrency", as well as to respond to allegations of noise pollution allegedly caused by mining facilities. Additionally, they asked the Bureau of Information and Regulatory Affairs' Office of Management and Budget to create a registry for many PoW mining operations to allow companies to "detect their own energy sources and amounts".

Different proposals incorporated the Department of Energy carrying out energy effectiveness norms for PoW diggers, with the breaking point fixed additional time "to dispose of" evidence of-work mining at last.

As the crypto space keeps on developing with numerous financial backers in the United States, industry pioneers and officials have moved forward to resolve issues around monetary dangers as well as the likely effect on the climate from Bitcoin (BTC) mining. In April, a gathering of 23 individuals from the House of Representatives sent a letter to the EPA saying the "quickly growing digital currency industry should be considered responsible" and claiming "cryptographic money mining is harming our networks."

The Bitcoin Mining Council responded with its own letter written by MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor to EPA Administrator Michael Regan on May 2, saying the group of lawmakers had several key issues. The industry leader posed the alleged misconception that “power generation plants” cause pollution, not BTC mining itself.

The New York State government is presently considering a bill that could put a two-year restriction on all new PoW mining offices in the state utilizing carbon-based fuel to drive their tasks. Both the Sierra Club and Seneca Lake Guardian have stood up against mining firm Greenidge Generation Holdings' activities at the state's Seneca Lake.

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