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Forestminer EPU 1-C 2800Mh/s Product Description & Setup

Forestminer EPU 1-C 2800Mh/s Product Description & Setup

Forestminer is a new Ethereum Miner manufacturer. They bring us their newest product for 2022. This power Ethereum Miner comes with 2800Mh/s Hashrate with 3700W Power consumption. Definitely one of most profitable miners of the year in 2022. 

Here is a video of the test we shot:

The Ethereum Proof-of Work ASIC miner, the Forest EPU 1-C Miner is released worldwide. This new product takes advantage of years in designing and manufacturing to provide an efficient option for those looking into mining hardware with high performance standards, this is truly the most Powerful ETH Asics Miner in 2022 so far.

Forest EPU 1-C Miner Tech Intro

When all else fails there are always backups available in case something wrong happens with either chip, The efficiency doesn’t stop here though; because these bad boys come equipped with the best heat sinks as soon some serious heat which reduce GPU temperatures down below 70 degree fahrenheit.

The ForestMiner team has designed and continuously optimized the architecture of their ETHash ASIC chips to produce a powerful, efficient Forest EPU 1-C Miner. The team of ForestMiner is made up entirely from highly skilled individuals. With their expertise in chip design, they were able to optimize the microarchitecture and memory access bandwidth for ETHash algorithms which lead them being more powerful than before!

About ForestMiner

The ForestMiner chip is a world-first and the most powerful miner on Ethereum. After 3 years of striving for excellence in extremely hard, it has finally been developed with an output level that reaches 130 Mh/s – more than any graphics card or Nvidia GPU GTX3090 Ti!

In the meantime, the Forest Miner team innovatively solved a long-standing problem of large chip package substrate warpage and greatly improved soldering yield. they did this through an integrated optimization technology that roles both software & hardware together to provide system stability far exceeding what competitors can offer you!


Product name Forest EPU 1-C
Algorithm ETHash, ETCHash
Hashrate 2800Mh/s ±10%
Memory 5.5G
Type ASIC Miner
Power Consumption  3700W ±5% wall plug @25℃
Input Voltage 180-300VAC, 47-63Hz
Cooling 4 x 12038 FANs
Operating Temperature 0℃ ~ 40℃
Operating Humidity 0 ~ 75%RH non-condensing
Network Connection RJ45 Ethernet
Net Weight 28.4kg
Gross Weight 30kg
Net Dimensions 612mm*360mm*139mm Height*Width*Length
Gross Dimensions

725mm*475mm*265mm Height*Width*Length

Operating Procedures

  1. Enter the official website URL of the machine brand. (
  2. Enter account password. The default account is admin, the default password is admin123.
  3. You can see the status and values of the machine running
  4. Click ACC Config, the interface requires a password to log in and the default is admin123. When you log in, you can see the configuration of the accelerator.

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Hope you guys all enjoy crypto Mining. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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