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Bitcoin price rebound? Why did the price rise?


Buy crypto is now known to most people in the world. Recently, Bitcoin broke $25000 for the first time since early June. Bitcoin, the world's largest cryptocurrency by market value, has fallen nearly 50% so far this year, but has rebounded 15% in the past month. That is a very surprising change, also gives many investors' confidence in bitcoin.

Why does the price of bitcoin rise? Professionals indicate that the "demand shock" of bitcoin was coming, in other words, the price of bitcoin will continue to be driven up in the future. In addition, the continued interest of institutions will also drive the price of bitcoin higher. Many news reports indicate that large asset management companies are also actively taking measures to make it easier for customers to conduct cryptocurrency transactions, which will also boost the price of bitcoin to a certain extent.

Cryptocurrency has been closely related to stock market indicators, so the rise of risk assets such as the Nasdaq 100 index helped drive the rise of cryptocurrencies. Many people believe that the recent cryptocurrency market activity is a positive factor for the bitcoin market. In the long run, the fundamentals of bitcoin are quite good. In fact, that the actual volatility of Buy Crypto has risen significantly since the low point at the beginning of the year. This not only reflects the growing interest of investors, but also shows that the opportunities of cryptocurrency market are continuous.

The market price of bitcoin is rising sharply, the world's first and largest cryptocurrency is taking a brave step towards green. Although bitcoin has made great progress in value, the number of active addresses seems to be decreasing. Moreover, the sudden rise of BTC price may have little direct relationship with the overview of the encryption market. This upward trend is more caused by external factors. It is reported that the records reported on the chain show that the number of active wallets of bitcoin is relatively small, and the report shows that new contracts are emerging in the futures market with the price soaring.

The price surge does not come from internal influence, so the current positive pressure and the sustainability of price rise are not particularly clear. The position of cryptocurrency short-term investors in the futures market is very important. The sharp rise in the market price is the final result of the sudden increase in buying. We can predict that the short-term speculation of bitcoin may reverse, and there is a great possibility of rapid direction change in the short term. In addition, the impact of macroeconomic activities may trigger the fluctuation of bitcoin price, and US inflation data may also have an impact on bitcoin price.

There are many opportunities for investment in the crypto industry. However, if you want to seize the next bull market opportunity, you must have a high-quality circle so that you can obtain more valuable information. Moreover, it is easier to persist in the industry if you invest in the circle relationship. Otherwise, it is very difficult.

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